How much do your services cost?

due to the specialized nature of Content Lab Productions, prices vary according to client needs.
Reach by Content Lab prices can be found (here)
Contact us for costs to participate in Content Lab Films and Reach by Content Lab productions.

Do I have to provide the models?

Content Lab has a strong network of specialized models from around the world. We know that finding the right models and then sending them across the globe can be a daunting, time consuming and expense task, so we take care of that for you. Additionally, it is Content Lab policy  that any models must be an expert in the field that is being filmed/phtographed. Cycling content will always have cyclist models, running will have runners, etc. Unless you have specific request

Where are you based?

We are based in Tuscany, Italy, but we operate around Europe and North America. Great stories are told on the road, so we make sure to film in the best locations for the subject matter.

Do you use drones? 

We use the right tool for the job. Some productions require drone shots, others do not. First we determine what the product needs to be, then we determine what tools are needed to deliver, not the other way around. But yes, we do. When necessary.

Do you exchange products for services? 

Due to high volumes of requests for spots in Content Lab productions, in most cases the products you see in Content Lab video and photos are provided by paying customers.

Nikon or Canon? 

Sony. Also DJI. But we do use Canon as well. Different tools for different jobs. We're currently in love with Sony video quality.

Who does the filming?

We have a specialized team from our production crew in Europe to our post-production crew. When dealing with fast-paced sports, we even have specialized, licenced motorcycle and car drivers.

Where do you film? 

We film where the setting best tells the story needed. In cycling, this often means Italy, France, and Spain. Other times, we film right in clients' stores, in our subjects' homes. It depends on the story needs. Pick the right spot to tell the right story.

Do you do events? 

We love filming events. It is a great way to capture the moment and embrace the energy and enthusiasm that we all know and love about events.

Do you do only sports? 

Though our origins are rooted in sport, we create all types of content. It's all about telling your story and getting it out to the world. So, though the method changes, the principle remains the same: create intriguing content based around solid concepts and you will be successful, whether it's Cycling, Coffee, Food or Real Estate.