How it all started

Content Lab was conceived from the changing face of communications. Six years ago, Content Lab's two co-founders, David and Flor, were working in what were considered two completely separate fields - Flor in video production, and David in communications. As the two spoke, it became apparent that each of them was working in parallel worlds that should in fact be working together. As brands and businesses increasingly create their own video and photography, it became obvious to Flor and David that to communicate and distribute this content most effectively, one couldn't be sat behind a desk. The stories are told out on the road, on the trails, and in the mountains. Furthermore, its a task that isn't easily done by one person in a traditional nine to five. Stories are told on their own time, after all. So, they headed out and did what they knew best - tell people's stories to the world.

Content Lab has now grown into a full team of creative, sportive people who specialize in telling stories through video and photography. We tell it all - from memorable moments to inspiring people to extraordinary brands & products. We travel the globe documenting athletes, companies, and people with a story to tell. We embrace extraordinary moments and creative objectives and condense them into a concise message to share with the world. 


How we work

Content Lab Productions

We take your content from beginning to end, delivering a 100% finished product ready for your website, social media, newsletters, and advertising campaigns. Our expertise in creating brand-centric content means you get the full package exactly how you envisioned, driving conversations, sales, and attracting attention for your brand. To find out more about our process and how it can work for you, make sure to get in touch (here).

Content Lab Films

Content Lab Films tells stories about real people & athletes. Each production takes place in a different location with a variety of people with a variety of stories to tell. Each Content Lab Films production has a different theme, but there is one thread that ties it all together - raw, real, authentic stories of real people. We let people tell their story -What drives them, what challenges them, what does victory, failure, or overcoming mean to each person. To find out how to get involved, get in touch (here).

Reach by Content Lab

No matter how big or how small a business may be, audiovisual content designed specifically for social media is essential for success. Reach by Content Lab produces customizable video and photo content for brands, distributors, and stores to extend the reach of content far beyond traditional means. Each piece of content is able to communicate a personalized message via graphic design and audio customization. The end result is that everyone reaches a greater audience, no matter how big or small. For more info, have a look (here)

Social Media Management Services

Content Lab’s extensive experience in social media strategy helps your brand utilize its audiovisual & written content more effectively. We know how to reach your target markets. We curate your social media feeds thinking long-term to ensure your feed reflects who you are as a brand. We pursue and leverage industry influencers & cross-linking opportunities and potential and existing partnerships to maximize your social media reach and sales.

Written Content Services

Images create the emotion. Written content informs, fine tuning your brand’s identity to the world. Our team of writers translates and creates brand-centric written content in English, Spanish, Italian, and French for your Blogs, Journals, Articles, Newsletters, and Social Media feeds to help you reach and effectively communicate your brand’s identity and news to markets around the world.



All of our models and film subjects are specialists in their area. Content Lab cycling films use only models who are serious cyclists, running videos use only serious runners. We do this becuase authenticity matters, a lot. Real, authentic content starts from the ground up.


Content Lab is always on the lookout for new talent. We don't care where you're from, only that you have a passion for your work. If you think that you could be a good addition to our team in video, photography,post-production/ editing, or a model, get in touch (here).