Why Tuscany? Why are we drawn to film and photograph this specific area?

Is it for the cypress lined white roads? Is it for the famed bell towers marking the landscape of the rolling hills? Is it for the rustic culinary delights? Is it because this is the heart of Italian cycling, where young riders from north to south flock to hone their skills over the endless hills and twisting roads?

Certainly, there are more grandiose places in Italy. The jagged peaks of the Dolomites have decided countless Giri d’Italia, and Rome itself rests only about 200km to the south. There is something about Tuscany that brings an inherent balance. The landscapes, the colors - contrasting and complimentary, the culture all draw us here to create, much like a Renaissance painter hundreds of years ago.

When you’re here, you’re exactly where you need to be. This is why we choose Tuscany. Here, you don’t just capture images, the scenes become part of the creation.